A Safe Space for You to Feel Empowered to Break Free from Societal Standards

You’re here because you’re ready to level up in all areas of your life – business, personal and spiritual. Look, you’ve done the whole hustle and grind thing, and frankly, you’re over it. You know damn well that only works for a season and isn’t sustainable long-term.

While you’ve achieved success and are making good money, you want more out of life. And I’m here to show you how to get the “more” you deserve.

Btw, hello I’m Sara Yagoub Brown – a mother, wife, mentor, speaker, author, investor, podcaster and business owner. I believe in breaking business barriers, surpassing societal expectations and allowing spiritual ascension to lead the way. And that’s exactly what I’m here to show you.

You see, I’m known for showing ambitious, successful women how to build 7-figure empires that enrich relationships and fulfill their souls. The thing is that somewhere down the line, we “learned” that we had to sacrifice our wellbeing, spiritual health and personal fulfillment in exchange for success. I’m here to show you that’s not true.

Now, I wear many hats, but you’ll catch me most often in your inbox, hosting workshops, sharing the goods on social media or speaking the truth with a capital T on my podcast. Wherever you find me, you’ll experience an atmosphere fueled by feminine energy as soon as you get there– one that’s collaborative, not competitive, so you can flourish and feel empowered on any path you pursue.

Get the Wisdom You Need to Create the Lifestyle You Crave

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Invite Me to Speak

There’s more to life than running a successful business. In my courses and workshops, such as The Referral Circle, I guide female business owners looking for a more spiritual and fulfilling approach to their work. I’m here to teach women how nurturing their relationships is the key to finding happiness and harmony. Want me to speak at your event? Fill out the form to send an invite.

Bring More Balance and Harmony into Your Life

Listen, I certainly don’t have this whole life and business thing figured out. But through trial and error, I have mastered how to silence external noise and center myself in a space where I can indeed have it all – success, wellbeing and spiritual peace. Ready to find out how to do the same? 

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