In today’s episode, Sara will be talking about 5D traps. 

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5D Traps

That’s right, the elusive 5D traps. To recap, 3D traps work primarily through the body and 4D traps work through the mind. To take it up a notch, 5D traps go straight for the soul, no middleman needed. They can be elusive because most people who have transcended the 3D and the 4D, aren’t going to fall so easily for those types of traps. However the 5d traps, mix Light into the lies and deception so they can be tricky to navigate. 

“5D traps are like you’ve been offered a turd covered with diamonds. Those of us that are Team Light, we’re attracted to the beautiful, bright and shiny diamonds. We get into some of these spiritual practices because they’ve attracted us in such a clever and deceitful way, only to find that it’s actually a turd covered in diamonds. There’s nothing good there beyond the surface level.” 00:45

Team Light

“If the dark entity attachment or the dark forces have so much control of the body, then the soul or spirit will disassociate, meaning and it will leave the body because it’s no longer healthy for the Spirit.” 15:33

If the above happens completely, then we’re left with bodies w/o a soul. Or bodies completely operated by dark energy.

In this major transitional time on this planet, it’s important for us to become vigilant about protecting our soul, Spirit & energy. 

Tune in to hear more. 

Claim your Sovereignty

Light obliterates dark. It’s important to remember that: as you claim your sovereignty, as that becomes part of your daily practice, your daily intention setting, as you fortify your energetic field, as you put a shield around yourself, as you strengthen and fortify your essence & your energetic field; then your energetic field and bodies will become a powerful repellent of any and all dark energies. Team darkside won’t stand a chance. Awareness is key to building the superpower.

Listen now to find out more about this!

Let’s get this Renegade Revolution started and help liberate humanity one podcast at a time.

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