Renegade Revolution Radio Episode 30: Amplifying the Light


In today’s episode, Sara is really excited to share with you a practice that she uses to really help amplify the light that this planet so desperately needs right now. She tries to help others see through the craziness and the darkness as we experience hopelessness. Sara will talk about trauma and her own experience with it and fear blocks us from moving forward and beyond. She talks about surrender and positive internal affirmations and how they change the fabric of our being and our energy centers. 

One of the most important key takeaways from the episode is amplifying love and light. How can we do this? Tune in to find out.

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Amplifying the Light

In response to messages of feeling disempowered, Sara addresses what we can do to stay empowered and how we can move through darkness to uphold the light.

If we are suffering, and part of that comes from trauma and fear we hold it in to our physical self to avoid pain. But when we do this it breaks down our light. By breaking down the light, darkness can fill the gaps.

So, Sara says, we must amplify the light. We do this by spreading love when times are hard and staying true to clearing our hearts to create a safe haven for ourselves.

Do you want to learn more? Tune in right now.

Let’s get this Renegade Revolution started and help liberate humanity one podcast at a time.

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