Farewell 2020 Season 1, Hello 2020 Season 2

DISCLAIMER: Warning, this article may trigger you. Read at your own risk. If this post triggers you in any way or doesn’t resonate with you, Stop Reading.

“You gotta be kidding me, Sara, are you really saying we’re in for another round?”

Hold on, hear me out for a minute, if you know me by now, you know I’m not the doom and gloom kinda girl.

But I’d be kidding myself (and you) if I came on here with some ‘New Year, New You’ rhetoric (not that I’ve ever been a fan of that type of mentality).

Let’s be totally honest with ourselves, do you really believe that with everything that was ‘rustled up’ in 2020, that we can just go into 2021 with a blank canvas, a fresh start, a new beginning?!

If that were true, then all of the s**t we went through in 2020 would all be for naught.

No, my friends, I can’t sugarcoat this for you. 2020 was our initiation. We were shaken up and awakened. Those of us that were lucky. There are plenty of ppl who have yet to awake, and perhaps this year will be their turn. Also, for those of us who were awakened or furthered our awakening in 2020, it doesn’t mean we’re done. The ascension is a process. We each have our own unique journey along with our part to play in what’s to come.

2020 at a Glance: @ The Micro Level

Let’s drop this to the micro-level first. On an individual level, we realized we were living a false reality. What do I mean?!

We told ourselves that we did things the way we did because they couldn’t be done any other way. 2020 came along and said ‘Nope’ there are other possibilities. 

Examples: the way we work, the way we look at health, the way we educate our children, the false sense of productivity we feel by being ‘busy’.

We rediscovered the beauty in the simple things in life, like being able to gather with our extended family, our community, going out to eat, catching a movie at the theatre, family holiday celebrations. For some in extreme lockdown, enjoying the bliss of going for a long stroll and breathing fresh air.

Many joys in life were abruptly taken from us. We watched as many of the fundamental systems we believed in dismantled. That forced us to re-evaluate our lives. Even though it didn’t feel like it while we were going through it, this was our greatest gift in 2020. And once again, this is a gift granted to those of us who were fortunate enough to have accepted 2020 for what it truly was, a chance for a reset, not to be confused with The Great Reset (which we’ll talk about in the macro section below).

I truly believe that time at the beginning of the ‘pandemic’ slowed us down just enough for us to take the time to go within and reconnect with our soul and our true purpose. Establish what’s really important for us and what our true intention is for our lives. What we need to let go of because it truly wasn’t serving us anymore. For some, this meant ditching relationships that should have been done yrs before. For others, this meant leaving that job they hated for waaaay too long (this may have been voluntarily or due to lay-offs). For many, this was a time to pick up a hobby or activity that they loved, but never had the time to enjoy pre-‘pandemic’. And even if nothing drastic changed in your day-to-day life in 2020, your perspective probably did.

2020 at a Glance: @ The Macro Level

Just as we went through a reset in our individual lives, I also believe that on a macro level, meaning when we look at society as a whole, including the systems that run society (monetary, ‘health’ care, political, etc), I believe we are watching a reset of these systems as well.

Now, I must note here that there is a plan called The Great Reset that has been deemed as a ‘conspiracy theory’ but I think we are all beginning to see that is most certainly underway(I’ll let you research that on your own if you haven’t already). This plan has nefarious intentions, and I do believe if so many of us weren’t awakened on an individual level, we would have fallen into the dark timeline of The Great Reset.

However, from my perspective, I do believe that deals and plans made in the dark continue to backfire, and so just as ‘their’ intention may have been to carry out the evil plan, instead, humanity had a reset of our own that turned us away from their wicked ways and instead we shined and continue to shine bright.

Breakdown of what I mean: if you notice there has been nothing but fear-mongering propaganda going on from the media, politicians, and even some religious entities. Fear is their control mechanism. They thought doing this would have us panicked, and perhaps it worked on the majority for a bit when this first kicked-off, however at this point now going into 2021, there are so many of us questioning their narrative.

They’re still telling us to stay away from one another, that we are flattening this ever-widening curve by doing so. But we see through that bc this was only supposed to last 2 weeks, yet here we are nearly a year later.

They tell us to get tested to protect our loved ones, in order to work or travel. Yet as we are getting tested, they tell us that our case count is going up and that’s grounds for continuing the lockdown. So let me get this straight, they mandate testing on healthy people, their bs test yields a positive result and this means that we are in danger?! How does this make any sense?

And let’s talk about this test just for a second, this test that has ‘confirmed’ positive test results for a Coca-Cola, papaya, a jack fruit, and even Elon Musk who took 4 tests in the same day, administered at the same facility by the same nurse, tested positive twice and negative twice. So despite so many absurd discrepancies, we are to trust this ‘science’ and continue to be masked up and locked down?!

And even more importantly, we are to continue to trust the governing agencies that seem dead-set on a specific narrative to dictate how we live our lives?!! The same agencies that have given us conflicting and unclear information for months now(well really yrs but let’s save that for another day)? Worse yet, we are to obey without questioning any of that?!

I believe enough of us see through the BS being hurled our way at this point. While I do believe energetically we have chosen, at a conscious level, to not give these dark governing forces power over us any longer, the physical reality has to catch up with where we are consciously.

Welcome to 2020, Season 2:

This is the reason that I believe we’re going into 2020 Part 2, aka 2021.

You see just as at the individual level we watched our lives dismantle and then slowly begin to beautifully reconstruct (albeit not completely yet), with more intention and purpose…we are in the process of seeing the very same on a macro level.

The systems we have trusted for far too long as our governing agencies (big banks, the medical-industrial complex, big pharma, the political system, corporate giants, mass-produced food and agriculture, etc), all of these systems have been infiltrated at the highest levels by ‘people’ who do not have our best interest at heart.

The people at the helm of these industrial complexes are all working together and working against us. You don’t have to take my word for it, do your own research with an open mind and prepare to be blown away with what you find.

I know it’s more comfortable to believe that those running the world have good intentions and want to serve you, I want to believe that too. But it’s simply not the case and they are doing everything they possibly can to show you that right now. If you’re willing to see it. If you don’t already see it, it’s simply bc you don’t want to. And that is your choice. 

However, if you’ve found yourself thinking at any point during this ‘pandemic’ that what they are telling you doesn’t make sense, doesn’t align with what you’re seeing first-hand, or what you know to be true, then you’ve been put on notice. That’s your intuition and the Universe tapping you and guiding you. That feeling that something doesn’t sit right or feels off, that’s your sign. It’s time to pay attention. 

I say this because as they are rolling out this vaccine (which is way more dangerous than covid itself for 99% of the population), I see people who have been deceived by the propaganda, excited for it. My heart aches for those individuals because what this will do to your DNA is more than what our human minds can comprehend. Every ounce of my being screams to stay away. And I also know and respect that everyone has their own journey. (And please know, before you send me any hate mail about this comment, I don’t consider myself anti-vaccines, my children have both followed the guidelines for the majority of their lives until we had a medical malpractice that forced me into questioning the ingredients in ‘approved’ meds.) 

On that note, on a macro level, 2020 was also the initiation year as well, where the masses begin to realize just how corrupt and nefarious the governing systems are. And so many of us are opting out of traditional health-care, we’re withdrawing our children from the indoctrination prevalent in the public education system, we’re installing water purification systems to get away from the chemical-laden water they infect us with, we’re ditching as many processed, GMO-foods and switching to local-grown, organic food…

We’re discovering all the ways they’ve been lying to us for years, maybe even centuries. We’re questioning the narrative. We’re thinking for ourselves. We’re re-discovering the things that bring us bliss. We’re reconnecting with our Ultimate Creator. We’re doing less and in turn becoming so much more.

We are the precipice of re-discovering our innate God-Given superpowers. Realizing we are sovereign, abundant beings. We are beginning to embody those discoveries. We are breaking out of the systems they’ve designed to keep us enslaved to them.

‘They’, the earthly powers that be, know this. That’s why they are scared! They’re terrified. 

Imagine a boat with a massive hole in it, water is filling the boat and it is inevitably sinking. But the captain? He refuses to accept this. He gets his bucket and fills it up with water and dumps it out of the boat, where it sits for a second before making its way back into the boat. With each bucket filled, the captain becomes more and more frantic, yet his energy is depleting all at the same time. 

This captain represents the powers that be. They know they are in a losing battle, yet they will not stop until they perish.

I share this with you in hopes that it helps you see what I see when I visualize what 2021 and perhaps a year or 2 after looks like (tbh I feel like we’re in this for a few more yrs, maybe 2024). We are watching the governing agencies dismantle and crumble, but they won’t go down without a fight. And they have nothing to lose and don’t care about our well-being.

The buckets of filled water represent everything these governing agencies will hurl at us as their ship is sinking: political upheaval, civil war propaganda, creating a racial divide and perpetuating it using the media and BLM (the agency, not the sentiment, obviously black lives matter *and* pls realize BLM the company is a multi-million dollar company that is backed by living nazis and globalists that use our raw emotions to fuel their agenda), fake financial collapse (remember money is created by them, it’s all fake anyway), continued ‘pandemic’ propaganda, absurd mandates, celebrity influence, and distractions, etc. This list could go on forever and my mind can’t even imagine the things they might do.

I tell you this not to scare you, quite the contrary. When you look at it this way, as the governing entities in a losing battle where they are reaching for any and everything to keep their sinking ship afloat, then it’s easy to see when they’re hurling their water-filled buckets at you.

Get an emergency alert on your phone right before a holiday, instead of it ruining your day or getting you panicked you shrug it off reminding yourself “they’re at it again”.

When they hit you up with a new cure or aid or help, you stay the f**k away from it bc you know their ship is going down and they may want to take you down with it.

When they mandate ludacris BS that you know makes no sense, you’re like “nah, that s**t ain’t for me” or ‘thanks but no thanks” if you’re G-rated.

When you see the media harping on about the next big thing that should scare the crap outta you, you see right through their lies and deceit and maintain your vibe.

My point is, fear is their control mechanism. When they spit BS your way and you believe it as the truth, therefore becoming afraid of what will happen…you’re feeding their energy. You’re allowing them to keep that boat afloat just a little longer. You’re perpetuating your own suffering and therefore the continued suffering of the collective (all humans).

And if you’re thinking “Well Sara, I’m not afraid, I’m just going along with what they’re saying bc it’s easier”…

Making a decision that’s easy when you know it’s not right, may keep you out of conflict with others, but you’ve waged a war against yourself. And that internal struggle will inevitably diminish all your power. You’re also energetically putting your vote into the side you oppose. Is it worth it?

So what do we do?

To end on a more positive note, true magic happens when you decide you’re not playing by their rules. We are divinely created, and as such, abundance is our birthright. The rules of the governing agencies in control right now are based on limitations. That’s why when you follow their rules, you feel unfulfilled.

How do you break from their systems and start embodying your power?

There are many ways to do this, below I am sharing with you some techniques I live by. Take what resonates with you, leave what doesn’t. Make it your own. Remember, you are the expert on YOU. Reclaim your power.

Intention Setting: Make the intention that you do not consent to relinquish your sovereignty and that you choose to live in the frequency of unconditional love and abundance. Or whatever is of the highest importance to you.

 Write it down and make a declaration out loud. When you do this, you’ll open yourself up to receive guidance from your Creator and other guides who are always working in your favor. 

Guard Your Energy: Now there are tons of ways to do this, check out some of my other blogs and content for specifics. Here is a declaration I love to claim out loud and as often as I feel the need. I do this to ensure that the energy I feel is truly mine and that I’m not absorbing the heaviness of others or left in the ether.(Don’t forget, totally make this yours, you don’t have to use my words if they’re meaningless to you.)

Declare Out Loud:

“I call all of my energy back to me now. I return any energy that is not mine back to Source. I am sovereign over my experience.”

Hold the Light: Visualize the best possible outcome of the current situation, and harness that vision. Always return to your intention of how you want to feel and live, anytime you feel like you’re getting sucked into the false narrative or the distractions. Unplug from the media and technology as often as possible (if you need help with that click here). Connect with nature and allow her to heal and energize you.

Maintain Your Frequency: We’ve got to vibrate at a frequency high enough that the low-frequency chaos of what’s to come can’t even touch us. 

Check this out for the low-frequency vibes you’ll wanna ditch.

Here are some high vibe activities you can add to your daily schedule.

Remember, these lists are not all-encompassing. There are endless ways to vibe higher, explore, have fun, and find the ways that work best for you!

It’s an honor and a privilege to be on this planet during this time, where we get to usher in a new age, with new systems, ones that actually serve us instead of enslaving us. However, before this can happen we have to watch the ship sink, and all of what comes along with that.

 This is much easier to do when you realize how limitless and powerful you are, and remind yourself that 

  1. You can totally do hard things, you survived 2020. 


  1. This has to happen the way it is for things to get better. We cannot rebuild, venture into the New Earth, and usher in a time of peace on Earth while the outdated systems are still functioning. They cannot coincide.

The battle is already won, we are just waiting for the physical reality to catch up. Guard your energy, hold the light, and maintain your frequency and you will be just fine.

Cheers to 2021,


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