Gary Vee Ditches Hustling

No this isn’t clickbait, you read that correctly. I was recently invited to a virtual event hosted by Kelly Roach where she had Gary Vee on to answer our questions (Gar Vee is a serial entrepreneur, investor and social selling expert). Such an inspiring event, but one of my favorite parts was when a health and wellness coach asked Gary if he still stands by his mantra of #nosleep…you know, that mentality of non-stop working hard, hustlin’ & grindin’.

If you’ve heard me speak or read any of my material, you’ll know that I, along with most wellness enthusiasts, are sooooo over the hustle & grind culture. However, this mentality is still incredibly prevalent in the business coaching environment, with more and more instructors subscribing to the #nosleep strategies and ideologies.

Well I was shocked when Gary Vee said point black that he ain’t about that #nosleep life and that in fact, he values sleep and gets around 7 hrs of sleep per night!! I didn’t see that coming at all. He went on to add that he encourages business leaders to get as much sleep as needed, even endorsing naps!! I was pleasantly surprised bc tbh one of the reasons I didn’t follow his material was bc I thought he was a hardcore hustle supporter.

He explained that back in 2008 when the economy took a huge hit and people were financially suffering and needed to make cash fast, he advocated hustling hard so that people could pull themselves up from survival mode and make money to support themselves. So back then, yea he was for ‘hustling’ and I put quotes on that definition of hustling bc this is the definition of hustling I am 100% for!

Listen, we all have seasons of work and life where we are in the thick of it, right? You know, like, when you’re first starting your business, or launching a new product/service, or when you have your first child, or when you first get divorced and have to readjust to life on your own. All of these (plus many more) are seasons, times in your life where you’re in the thick of it and a certain area of your life may require more attention than others. And during this time you may be hustling and grinding…and quite possibly you may be fully team #nosleep (I know I was with my 2nd child for sure!!)

This is life, and most of us will go through a season like this at least once in our life. And for us high-achieving women entrepreneurs, this season may come once a yr with every biz launch or event. However, we shouldn’t be in this season permanently. It’s not sustainable. Temporarily for a month or so, sure, any one of us could get down on some beast mode hustlin’ for maybe a month while we launch something wonderful. But once that launch is over, we need to be hardcore healin’ to make up for the time we were grinding.

Also, I’d love to take that one step further and ask: do we really have to sacrifice sleep? And other things that are necessary for our survival? Can we not incorporate some form of self-care into our daily grind, even during the crazy seasons, so that we don’t totally neglect ourselves to the point of burnout?

I truly believe that we are shifting into a new paradigm. A new way of doing business. Where we can have a major launch or biz event, and still take care of ourselves and prioritize our well-being. Still get enough sleep, focus on our breath, meditate, stay hydrated…you know, all the good things that our body craves.

I believe that when we start practicing small mindfulness practices throughout our day, they become part of our daily rituals. We’ll then be better equipped to handle those hustle seasons. So the external circumstances may not have changed i.e. you still have to work and biz is still booming, however your internal baseline has been elevated. What used to stress you out, no longer does. What used to feel overwhelming and heavy, now feels lighter and more manageable. You’re better able to delegate tasks and have faith that it’ll get done properly. You become a veteran of your craft so your season is a lot less sucky and a whole lot more successful, all without you sacrificing yourself and your wellbeing.

Now isn’t that a much prettier picture? This isn’t some pipe dream. It is very much a possible reality and can be your reality. But the first step is to pick one mindfulness practice to begin practicing daily.

Which one is the best?

The one you’ll stick to.

It really doesn’t matter which you choose, bc when it comes to these practices, whichever one you commit to doing daily, will benefit you. And once you feel the results, you’ll naturally proceed to the next one so you can compound the benefits.

Don’t believe me? You don’t have to take my word for it.

Try it for yourself today, stick to it for 30 days, and then let me know what you think.

Check out the blog “4 Energy Managing Exercises you can Start Now to Reach a Higher Consciousness” for some ideas to get you started!

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Much Love,

Sara B

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