How to tap into your intuition

People think becoming an entrepreneur is only about business, strategy, dollars, and cents. But one thing every entrepreneur knows is that business ownership has a funny way of forcing you into personal development. As an entrepreneur, you quickly learn where you have mindset hangups and what areas of your development need tending to. Your business is very much a reflection of how your life is doing overall.

For this reason, I came into business thinking I needed to do what I did in the corporate world: conduct market research, create a solid business strategy, put some forecasts together and establish revenue goals and start hustling.

Well, all of this is great for your foundational steps in biz, however, if you leave your biz to these things alone, then you miss out on some of the magic that is available to you on this journey.

I learned this early on because I got so caught up in the rational and logical side of the business, which did help me bring in some clients and work, but my true growth happened when I decided to focus on my mindset rather than solely relying on the strategies.

What led me to this revelation was my intuition. You see, I knew that I was working way too hard and not seeing the results you’d expect for the amount of effort I was putting in. I knew having left corporate due to the grind and hustle at all costs mentality, that I didn’t want that to be how I ran my business as well. Been there, done that…still recovering from it.

So as I had this breakdown, it cleared the way for my breakthrough. I surrendered having to have it all figured out. And made the mental decision that I was open to receive insight in any form from a higher power.

***Now at this point I will say, at the time of that epiphany, I was not religious in the traditional sense, but I generally believed in a higher power. My faith now is much stronger, but I do believe that some degree of faith in something greater than you is required for the rest of this content to resonate. And this doesn’t mean belief in only the traditional sense i.e. orthodox religion, although it could. When I say the term ‘Universe’, know that this means any Ultimate Creator of your choosing: Universe, God, Yahweh, Allah, Mother/Father God, Source, Universal Consciousness, The Infinite, etc. Fill the Universe in with whatever resonates for you.***

Back to the story, surrendering to Universe granted me a sense of freedom because while I believed that I needed to figure everything out, I felt a huge burden to seek the right answers. This burning desire caused me to have tunnel vision: I had an idea in my head of what I was looking for, so anything that didn’t resemble that notion, I didn’t even notice.

Even when I was in that mindset, the Universe was dropping me hints, but I was blind to them. When I surrendered, it disassembled my tunnel vision and granted me a more peripheral view.

This view allowed me to notice all of the signs the Universe was gifting me. I started noticing a recurring theme: I was getting sign after sign to hang out with other women entrepreneurs. I joined a bunch of networking groups and that led me to a women’s business mastermind, the Women Helping Women 2 Network Mastermind run by my new friend Amy Robinette. This mastermind granted me the breakthrough I required in order to uplevel my business and my life.

You see up until that point, although I officially launched my business (alongside my husband), I continued doing some corporate consulting as a means to bring in reliable, recurring income. Energetically, what I was doing by keeping that corporate role was telling myself and the world, I didn’t have enough faith in myself, my business, or my Creator to truly leave the corporate world and go all-in on my business. I didn’t know at that time that what you think and tell yourself has a way of manifesting into your reality.

Amy, the facilitator of the business mastermind questioned me about this and really had me questioning myself. Why didn’t I believe enough in myself and my business to take a leap of faith and give it my all?!

Just that act of questioning my narrative helped break down my false belief that was driving this behavior: ‘I have to keep working my corporate job on the side, so my family and I can survive’. And I replaced it with a better belief that served me better, ‘If I go all-in on my business, it will bring about more security and my family and I will thrive”

For more on changing beliefs…

This was the breakthrough I needed, which ultimately drove my business from $30K gross revenue to over $1M in a matter of 8 months.

This is the benefit of surrendering to your inner guidance which is connected to a higher power.

Now please don’t get it twisted, I’m not selling some get rich quick scheme or saying that this one mastermind was what made me millions. Please know that I’ve been tapped into my intuition for years and that has helped me develop the skills I needed to sit at the helm of a 7-figure business.

Following my inner compass has had me make some crazy decisions in my life, which definitely looked like a train wreck from the outside looking in for many years. Hell, I felt like a train wreck most days. But hindsight being 20/20, I now know that my inner guidance was taking me on my unique journey, which consisted of tons of bad decisions and what looked like failures so that I could learn the lessons I needed to learn which is what has brought me to this point.

It’s important for me to say this because I believe that people often listen to their intuition and when things don’t go immediately as planned they’re like ‘eff this I’m out’.

Well, that’s not the way to reap huge rewards. What brings about major rewards is being persistent and consistent, even when you’re not immediately ‘winning’. Continuing to tap into your intuition, and when you discover what feels like opposition, asking yourself what can this teach me or what can I learn from this? Then allowing the answer to reveal itself. Also realizing that this is an ongoing process and with each level, you expand to in life, you’ll have to ensure that your connection to source and your intuition is hella strong.

At this point you’re probably asking me: “Well Sara, how do I connect with my intuition?”

Let’s start by defining what it is and how it feels.

Intuition is the deep sense of knowing every human being has access to. It is a connection between the infinite soul within each human and our Ultimate Creator. This is why when you tap into your intuition, you are also tapping into a higher knowledge that is beyond your finite human mind.

How it feels can differ between different people and even within the same person. But generally speaking, it’s that gut feeling you get when something feels wrong, negative, exciting, or off. Something that piques your interest. Like when you’re in a dark parking garage late at night and you’re extra cautious. Or when you enter an elevator with a creepy individual.

I use these examples because they are extreme cases and this type of intuition is built into us innately for our protection, so no matter how busy you are, you’ve probably noticed these types of signals.

However, there are tons of signals that are more subtle and easier for a busy woman on-the-go to dismiss. For me, when my intuition is signaling info to me it comes like a rush of knowledge without spoken words. I just know something, without any clue as to how I know (called claircognizance). I used to question this knowing before my spiritual work, but I now trust it more than I trust my logical mind.

I also will sometimes get a signal from my intuition in the form of an overwhelming rush of emotions, a quick chilly feeling, a butterfly feeling in my gut, or sometimes even the hairs on my arm standing up.

So now that you know what it is, let’s talk about some beliefs that are helpful so you can tap into your intuition…
  1. Required belief in an infinite, higher power that governs all forces, seen and unseen.
  2. Realizing that part of this higher power is also within you, always. So you can always access it.
  3. Intuition is amazing, however common sense is still needed. A beautiful harmony of the two is where the true magic resides.
Here are a few ways you can begin to tap into your intuition today…
  1. Be still. Be alone or in solitude.
  2. Listen. Your intuition is always guiding you, however you’re not going to hear it if your consumed by external noise.
  3. Clear the chaos and noise. Be mindful of your consumption. Your friends, family,  news, social media, etc. can all influence you and make it hard to know whether it’s your intuition speaking to you or other people around you. So the better you get at protecting your mental space, the easier it’ll be to distinguish your voice from others.
  4. Manage your emotions. High emotional states or holding on to emotions like guilt, shame, fear will cloud your judgment.
  5. Pay attention. Your intuition will reveal things to you through multiple different channels. Notice everything and look for clues everywhere. Make it like a fun treasure hunt, where discovering the treasures will lead you to where you need to go.
  6. Feel for it. You may feel it physically like goosebumps, or a gut feeling, or even an energized feeling. It may just be a subtle knowing. Notice what you’re thinking about or doing when this feeling arises. When doing so, be sure to go with what immediately comes to you, bc the longer we wait to decipher the message, the more our rational mind will start interjecting. You can rationalize your way into and out of any situation, so this can create doubt and uncertainty.
  7. Know thyself. The more you practice and get to know yourself the easier this will become. Self-inquiry and discovery are your best friends while you develop your intuitive connection.
  8. Raise your vibrational frequency. Check out my IG post on high vibe activities you can try today.
  9. Decalcify your pineal gland. (There will be more on this in an upcoming blog)

These are just a few ways that you can begin to strengthen your connection with your inner knowing. Your intuition will become your most reliable guidance, an internal compass with your best interest at heart.

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Until next time…

Sending you peace and so much love,


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**Note so my lawyer doesn’t have a heart-attack: All the ideas mentioned on this site are my personal opinions based on my life experiences, and are provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. Any action you take upon the information on this website is strictly at your own risk. I am not a medical professional.**

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