Renegade Revolution Episode 11: Energetic Update August 2021


In today’s episode Sara is shedding light on the current season we’re in and how it might feel raw and expansive. Frequencies are accelerating, as they always do this time of the year, but each year brings with it new discoveries. She explains that in July we had an opening or a portal between us and the star Sirius A. Empaths and lightworkers might feel extra sensitive to the energy around us right now. 


In July, 7.7, Earth’s location in the solar system is directly aligned with the Sun and on the other side of that with the star Sirius A. This opens up an energetic portal between us and Sirius A. This is huge and many of us can feel it because Sirius A in scale is more than 2 times the mass of our Earth and emits around 26 times more energy than our Sun!! Which might be the reason why those of us that are empaths and energy workers or lightworkers feel such a massive surge of energy during this window. Tune into Renegade Revolution Radio for the full episode that breaks down these energies and how that impacts us here on Earth.

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The 3D Controllers

The controllers of the 3D Matrix turn up the fear frequencies during this energetic window because they know that during this window, we have powerful energies from the cosmos that are helping us in creating our manifestations.

Fear and Manipulation

You can see how humanity has been primed for the last 18 months or more, to live in a perpetual state of fear, making us easier to manipulate and control by the controllers. Tune into the episode to find out why they are doing this and how to prevent our energies from contributing to the chaos. 

Activating our DNA

The energetic window we are in right now brings along with it many cellular activations and divine downloads. There is a ton of supporting energies to discover many hidden truths. We’ll come into the truth by doing what we do best: asking the right questions, using critical thinking, discernment, research, and also through our divine downloads and our connection with Source. We will activate our DNA and unlock that cellular memory that holds some of this information that allows us to receive the divine downloads.

Let’s get this Renegade Revolution started and help liberate humanity one podcast at a time.

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