Renegade Revolution Radio Episode 10: Free Will

I’m finding that everyone has a different perspective on some of the quantum topics we’re chatting about on Renegade Revolution Radio. In a day where society and systems are busy telling the world what individuals can and cannot say before being canceled, I welcome you to speak your truth, even when it’s in opposition from mine. Sovereignty and freedom without censorship are pillars in this community. 

Speaking of feedback, one of the major recurring questions I get has been on the topic of how to navigate between the 3D and the 5D (which is what some of you have called it, I would call it 5D+ or Quantum or multi-d), when you feel stuck between both.

This is a legit inquiry, one that I face many days myself. It’s not easy my friends, what we’re experiencing is massive in scale and of course this growth is gonna come with growing pains.

The good news? Simply setting the intention to elevate your consciousness is a huge step in the right direction.

Today’s episode of RRR is a quickie, we’ll take a deeper look into free will and how reclaiming your power helps you navigate the 3D, 5D and beyond. Tune in to find out how the oppressors of the Awakening wish to use your creative energy to manifest their negative agenda, and the part you can play in not allowing their plan to come to fruition.

Are you ready to elevate the intelligent consciousness of this planet? Tune in today and let’s get the revolution started Renegades!

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