Renegade Revolution Radio Episode 15: 4D the Astral


In today’s episode, Sara continues the matrix series. She will explain how she stumbled across the 4D in a completely organic way. Though it was unintentional, she came out of her experience with new knowledge and a clear picture of what to do moving forward. 

She goes into depth about meditation and different practices that brought her to a healthy state of mind, body and soul without surrendering to conventional, mainstream practices.


I’m going to tell you exactly what happened when I left the 3D for the 4D. It wasn’t what I expected, but it was interesting.

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There are different forms of meditation that bring us into meditative states. In this section, I go into further detail about what’s been working for me and what hasn’t; especially mainstream techniques.

The Astral New Age

This is a big topic in today’s episode. There are a lot of New Age influencers pushing the Astral 4D agenda. It’s not what it seems and I’m here to tell you why. Check out the episode for more on this. 

Stepping back from the 4D

Have you ever felt like something you experienced wasn’t worth going back to? This is something that I felt after entering the 4D. I’ll explain myself in this section of the podcast!

Let’s get this Renegade Revolution started and help liberate humanity one podcast at a time.

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