Renegade Revolution Radio Episode 22: Holy-days or Holly-daze?


In today’s episode, Sara talks about the upcoming holidays as it relates to our traditional vs. enlightened views about them. We get a glimpse at the ascending timeline(organic, 5d+, highest), which is part of the soul evolution and how they may be celebrating Holy Days. Then, we have the descending timeline(artificial, 3d, lower, the matrix), which is part of the transhumanist AI Evolution who will most likely feed into a holly-daze. Tune into Renegade Revolution Radio for more on this.

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Sara will talk about how the holidays play out on the ascending and descending timelines. She elaborates on how those on the ascending timeline are evolving and resurrecting the fallen timelines up to the organic timeline of how humans are designed to live. This is opposite of what is happening on the descending timeline, where they are falling further into the AI transhumanist agenda being carried out by team dark side. Her focus is on Holy Days and staying centered here.

Quickening Energies

We are deep into the season of quickening energy. This quickening means we may be super in tune and sensitive to the energy around us. The best way to navigate this acceleration of energy is learning how to harness our energy and when to let go of energy that may not be meant for us and/or no longer serves us.

Although this matrix can trick us into believing we are separate from one another & nature, us Renegades know better, don’t we?? What we do impacts the world around us. Those living fully in the 3D may not realize the hard work we’re doing. Sara’s biggest advice to you during these next few months is to mind your energy. Guard it, protect it and know that access to your energy is a sacred privilege that should not be afforded to just anyone. 

So if this means that you are celebrating these holidays in a different or unorthodox way because that’s what feels right to you, well then more power to you. Bc at the end of the day, while humanity is transitioning from lower frequency to higher, who we spend time and energy with is of utmost importance. 

Transmuting Energy

Some of us are here to transmute the collective energies, humanity as a collective whole is young and innocent. It’s like a little child where sometimes they don’t know how to process their own emotions. Listen now to hear more about this!

Let’s get this Renegade Revolution started and help liberate humanity one podcast at a time.

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