Renegade Revolution Radio Episode 29: Spiritual Ego


Today, Sara is going to continue her matrix series where she talks about the traps of the matrix. Currently we are in the 5D traps. When you go up to the 4D and 5D+ traps, they can become more elusive. She’ll also be talking about Akashic records and readings and why she approaches them with curiosity but also discernment. She will touch on to what degree certain practices become obsessions, and how this can easily lead one over to over to Team Darkside.

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Traps: 4D, 5D and Above

Dive in with Sara as she continues to look at more traps coming in the 4D, 5D+ Matrix dimensions. Some of these aren’t what you would expect. They are harder to spot.

Akashic Records and Other Practices

Through an anecdotal story, Sara explains an interaction she had with a friend about Akashic records and readings. She explains why she had to approach this with discernment, even while being genuinely interested. Find out what happens at the end of the story by tuning into the episode.

Are you ready to become more adept at spotting the traps of the matrices? Let’s dive in Renegades!

Let’s get this Renegade Revolution started and help liberate humanity one podcast at a time.

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