Renegade Revolution Radio Episode 4: Dark Night of the Soul


Welcome back Renegades! In this week’s episode we will bring light to the topic of Spiritual Awakening. Ever heard of the dark night of the soul? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then stay tuned to this episode because we’re going to talk about what exactly the dark night of the soul is. We’re going to talk about something called the ‘100th monkey effect’. And we’re going into some ways to alleviate some of the hardships that come along with going through a spiritual crisis aka a dark night of the soul.


Diving into the dark night. We’re going to talk about something called the 100th monkey effect, and why that’s related. We’re also going to talk about ways to alleviate some of the hardships that come along with going through a spiritual crisis aka a ‘dark night of the soul’.

The Dark Night

The dark night is a spiritual crisis or existential breakdown. Anyone who’s gone through any type of crisis knows that it’s not usually for one night, right? Although I’m not saying it can’t happen. I’ve never been so fortunate to have something like this happen over one night. Sometimes it could take days, it could take weeks, it could take months. I’ve heard of some people going through a dark night of the soul for years. It also doesn’t have to happen at any certain age, it can happen anytime.

What’s happening in these dark nights of the soul is that we are going through what is considered an ego death. It’s a shattering of the facade, a shedding of personality attachments or personas. Then when we realize we are not that identity, or that thing that we’ve put on a pedestal that fell from grace. It could be a belief, and something that you had strong convictions about, and then the charade is over. You see it for what it really is, whether that’s about you personally, or about somebody else, or about a belief or an establishment or a group or mentor, teacher. When it all falls apart it’s a total collapse of your reality.

If you want to have the beautiful part and the light and the love and the expansion and the evolution and all the great things that come with a spiritual awakening, you don’t get to skip the dark night of the soul. The reason why it feels like a death, in a sense, is that we have these ego identities that are tied to lower chakras, and we have to release them in order to move into higher chakras. Listen in to get the full breakdown on this.

Survival Mode

We are in a society that encourages living in survival mode. Look at messaging from any mainstream source, it’s always about survival: someone got shot, bills, bills, more bills, suffering, misery, get more, do more, get a bigger house and make more money FAST. Are we thriving or just surviving?

The 100th Monkey Effect

There is a phenomenon called the 100th monkey effect, that observed how monkeys learn behaviors. Researchers looked at how monkeys learned the behavior to wash sand off of their food. They realized that when a certain number of monkeys learned this behavior, it went ‘viral’. They coined this number as critical mass. Find out how this relates to our collective expansion of consciousness.

I truly believe we are going through a collective dark night of the soul. There are more of us waking up from our stupor, our intentionally induced sleep. We are learning a lot of truths, we’re realizing a lot of things, we’re exploring different perspectives and defining things that maybe we haven’t defined in a long time. We are awakening. 

Falling Apart, Building New

Sometimes, things have to fall apart in order for us to rebuild a new construct. However, we have been groomed to stick with something that we don’t like, over ditching that and embracing the unknown. We have been groomed to play it safe.

As the collective starts to wake up and go through their dark night of the soul, it’s so important not only for us to have compassion for those that are going through it, but also to have compassion with ourselves especially those of us who are empaths energy healers, lightworkers, leaders, energetically sensitive, conscious, awake people.


First and foremost if you can surrender [when in your dark night arrives], it does make things easier. I’m not saying surrender to things that are trying to penetrate your boundaries. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m not saying surrender to any crazy mandates or anything like that. That’s for you to decide. What I mean is to surrender to the process of the dark night. As the collective goes through it, or perhaps you go through it again, one of the easiest things that you can do to alleviate your suffering, and to help you move through the dark night of the soul is to surrender, realizing that it is an initiation, it is moving you up from the lower chakras, which, if you’re awake right now, you’re probably not in the lower chakras, you’ve probably moved up already, but there could always be things that linger that require release.

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