Renegade Revolution Radio Episode 8: Ascension & Awakening


In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about Ascension and Awakening and the current Ascension cycle we’re in right now. You’ll learn more about the precession of the equinoxes, how Mother Earth plays into all of this and the activation happening within all of us. 


We will dive right into ascension and awakening with a macro view of what this means.

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The Mayan Calendar, Mother Earth and DNA

In this episode I explain the Mayan calendar and its connection to how things are unfolding in our current world. I also get personal with Mother Earth and shed some light on the interconnectedness of our inner beings, dark and light energy. Are you interested in DNA and genetic activation? Great! Change and growth truly begins with us, and I’ll expand more on this.

Protecting Yourself and Others

Finally, we’ll get down to the core of dark forces and how you can protect yourself and others while staying in tune with the agendas that they force upon us.

Let’s get this Renegade Revolution started and help liberate humanity one podcast at a time.

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