Empowering Female Leaders to Expand their Business & Mindset

Sara Yagoub, The Intentional Entrepreneur

Known for her no-BS approach to  handling business and loving life. Ambitious, high-achieving women on the brink of burnout turn to Sara when they want to rebalance their lives, slam the door shut  on society’s expectations and create businesses they love

Past Events

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7-Figure Sessions

This was a 10-day event with Tanya Dalton. Exclusive interviews with leading women entrepreneurs. 7-Figure Sessions from January 4th to January 15th. Click below to watch Sara.

WHW2N Luncheon

WHW2N holds virtual luncheons every Wednesday to network, hear great speakers, and learn skills to support your business. Connect with other great women leaders.

We Lead. LIVE

A virtual live event with Ali Brown, founder & CEO of The Trust. Watch the replay to learn about my entrepreneurial journey from corporate hustler to multi-million dollar business owner.

Daily Sales on Demand

Sara speaks with Ryan about her transition from Corporate to Entrepreneurship and how Sara has structured her business.

Million Dollar Money Moves

Sara speaking with Laura Little about mindset and your relationship with money.

Aim High

An event with like-minded women from all across Texas to help you define your purpose, ignite your passion, and grow your profits!

About Sara

Sara is a spiritual entrepreneur, referral marketing expert, speaker, and founder of ‘The Referral Circle’.
A former overworked corporate-yes-girl, Sara escaped the 9-to-5 grind using what she learned to build her own successful multi-million-dollar business empire. Sara currently runs 3 businesses and is launching a podcast in 2021.
Through digital programs, workshops, and speaking events, Sara trains high-achieving female entrepreneurs on how to make their very own Million Dollar Money Moves™.
Sara’s mission is to empower women biz owners with the tools they need to shift their mindset, rebalance their lives, up-level their consciousness, tap into intuition & live w/ purpose.
Sara has been featured in Voyage Magazine and served as keynote for many organizations including the American Business Women’s Association, WHW2N, Houston Chamber of Commerce, National Business Masterminds, and more.
Sara resides in Houston, Texas alongside her husband, 2 children, and spunky dog.

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